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CUCAS’s been Invited to the Banquet for Former U.S Ambassador

CUCAS’s been Invited to the Banquet for Former U.S Ambassador

Publish date: 2014-02-10 10:00

At the invitation of U.S Embassy in Beijing and PROJECT PENGYOU, on Feb. 12th, 2014, CUCAS will attend the banquet and other series events for Former U.S Ambassador Mr. Gary Locke before his official resign.

During the past six years, CUCAS has offered service for over 5,000 American students regarding their applications to a Chinese university. CUCAS not only helped them successfully get admitted into their dream schools, but also solved many problems that they encountered during their study in China, therefore, CUCAS has bonded tight connections with a large number of overseas students. Besides, CUCAS has been playing an important role as the bridge between China and America in terms of education and cultural exchange. As a result, CUCAS has been accepted and welcomed by more and more American students.

In order to provide more convenient service for more and more international students, CUCAS stopped charging its service fee from Jan. 20th 2014, which means that other than application fee that directly being charge by the university, applicants do not need to pay any other fees. Meanwhile, CUCAS free service package still offers unlimited consultancy, online application, offer delivery service by DHL, accommodation booking and other one-stop service. It is estimated that in the year of 2015 alone, the number of international students who use CUCAS to apply for a Chinese university will exceed 20,000.

>> Attached below is the official invitation letter to Mr. Gary Locke’s banquet and other events.

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the US Embassy and Project Pengyou, we are excited to welcome you to our reception celebrating educational exchange and people-to-people diplomacy! We are thrilled that Ambassador Gary Locke has agreed to host our event at the Embassy in his final days as the Ambassador.

To help us with logistics and a successful event today, please take note of the following important details:

  • To give time for security clearance into the Embassy, we would advise you to arrive by 4:30PM at the South Gate of the US Embassy at Anjialou.
  • Please remember to bring your ID or passport. The name on your passport needs to match the name on our guest list.
  • As a reminder, no electronics will be allowed into the Embassy (including cell phones, cameras, ipads, earphones, laptops, etc.). These items must be checked in at security.
  • We are pleased to be serving over 15 courses of hors d'oeuvres at our event, brought to you by the Hilton Beijing.
  • There will also be an open bar serving wine by ASC and other beverages.
  • During the event, guests will be asked to join the "Pengyou Ambassadors Challenge" and complete a few simple "quests" related to our mission. We will be giving away a special Apple product as a raffles prize for those who complete all four quests.
  • I'm thrilled to also let you know that our event will feature a special mystery guest, someone famous, funny, and loved by both Americans and Chinese!
  • The Ambassador's remarks will start at 5:00PM sharp. Ambassador Locke will likely come in earlier to mingle and participate in some of our "quests" with us.


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