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New CUCAS Slogan - Great Chinese University Application Service2013-04-24

The CUCAS Slogan has been changed from “Helping You Get into China’s Universities” to “The Leader of Chinese University Application Service Providers” on April 23rd 2013.


2013 Top 10 Chinese Summer Camp2013-04-26

2013 summer, come to China. Learn Chinese and experience the ancient oriental culture.


Good News for Indian Students Who Want to Study MBBS Programs2013-05-06

Indian students apply MBBS programs now, we will guarantee you get admission by a top rank China's university. If you get offer from your country, we will refund your service fee.


CUCAS Provides Airport Pickup Service in Two New Cities2013-05-08

Till May 8. 2013, CUCAS provides airport pickup service in four cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Guangzhou. Wuhan and Guangzhou are new added.


Study Traditional Chinese Medicine in China2013-05-27

TCM is very different from western medicine. You can only learn it in China. When you graduated from China, you can go back to your country to open a Chinese medicine clinic.


Good News for Caribbean Students2013-06-02

China will train 100 postgraduates and provide 1000 government scholarships for Caribbean students.


Two More Students Win to Study Chinese Language in Shanghai for Free2013-06-04

The Study China Summer Program is held by East China Normal University (ECNU). There will be 5 winners to get the tuition and lodging fee exemption worth $1745. There are already 3 students win the free chance. Will you be the next 2 winners?


Apply Through CUCAS is More Convenient than You Apply to the University Directly2013-06-03

CUCAS is professional and you won't worry about the application processing and accommodation booking. CUCAS one- stop service will kick all your troubles off. Apply through CUCAS is more convenient than you apply to the university directly.


Common Economics Programs in China's Universities2013-06-06

Common economics programs in China's universities, you may want to know the difference between different economics programs.


China in Soft Power Push with Foreign Students2013-06-05

China in soft power push with foreign students. Western students are flocking to Chinese universities and colleges for higher education and cultural adventure.

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