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How to Apply for Self-sponsored Program on CUCAS?2019-02-16

This is a how-to guide for self-sponsored applicants, to help you make the most of your CUCAS experience!

What Will Happen After I Click 'Submit'?2019-02-16

This is a guide to help you understand what will happen after you submit your application to CUCAS.

Winter Camp 2015 in Beijing with Tuition below 4000 RMB for One Month2014-11-19

Winter camp of total tuition in BLCU and BIEM are below 4000 Yuan. The article will give guidance to these two universities for winter camp 2015.

Winter Camp in Hainan2015-11-18

Winter camp in hainan island is available in 2015, tempreture is warm.

Winter Camp in Beijing2014-11-13

Do you plan to visit Beijing this winter? It is the right place to study and play, where China’s best universities and places of interests locate.

Winter Camp in Shanghai2015-11-12

The duration Winter Camp is usually very short, thus most international students choose in accordance with the cities in China with historical heritages or modern fashionable atmosphere. Shanghai is right the world renowned metropolis containing both his

Why So Many International Students Choose Shanghai Jiaotong University2014-11-10

Many students choose to study abroad in Shanghai Jiaotong University in China, this article tells you why.

MBBS in Jiangsu University2014-11-10

A lot of students choose MBBS program in Jiangsu University, this article give a guidance on the reasons why international students choose to study MBBS in Jiangsu.

A Guide to the Best Civil Engineering Universities in China in the View of International Students2014-11-10

This article provides international students of useful tips on how to choose civil engineering universities in China.

Why Study Petroeum Engineering in China2015-11-07

China is a good choice for international students to study petroleum, due the low tuition and living costs.

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