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Why Study Petroeum Engineering in China

It is a discipline of engineering which deals with the production of fossil fuels and hence the world of today highly relies on the energy produced by the fossil fuels, the field of petroleum engineering is one of the most important fields and needs of the day.

China's state-owned oil companies overseas oil production in 2015 will reach 3 million barrels a day. China purchased some overseas oil producers , planning to enhance petroleum output. It is believed that China will become a second Middle East in gasoline output. China will hire new overseas employees in the latest Asian and African petroleum exploration corps. It is easy to find job in China’s petroleum corporations after studying in China’s universities. Countless internship places are available too, as the PetroChina and Sinopec coordinat closely with petroleum engineeing specialties in China's related universities.

A lot of international students around the world, aiming for further study in china to seek a better potential career, choose China as the studying abroad terminal, both because of the cheap tuition and living cost as well as the overseas China’s companies all over the world. They intend to hunt jobs in Chinese run businesses in their home country.

Thus which university is considered by international students the best one to study petroleum engineering in China?

China University of Petroleum (Huadong), founded in 1952, is one of the pioneer institutes for the petroleum engineering discipline, providing bachelor and master degree program and non-degree petroleum engineering instructed in English language.

Undergraduate Petroleum Engineering in CUP