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Computer Science and Technology Program with Job Oppt of ZJUT

Date: January 21, 2019

Summary: This program pays much attention to guiding students to set up a comprehensive knowledge framework, strong hands-on ability and innovative ability.


Zhejiang University of Technology

Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT) is located in Hangzhou, the picturesque historical and cultural city in China. The International College is a fruit of economic globalization and high education internationalization.

The target of the college is to bring up senior international people who own good foreign language ability, modern acknowledge and powerful skills to meet the development of society and economy, as well as the progress of science and technology.

The college introduces advanced teaching method and system, pays much attention to character cultivation and stuff cultivation by combing acknowledge and skills, liberal and science.


After more than 60 years of construction and development, the library of ZJUT has become a modern university library with rich collections, distinctive features, and adapted to the school's development goals.

  • Library
  • Stadium

There are more than 160 full-time faculty members and staff, including 29 professors and 63 associate professors.

Computer Science and Technology
  • This program is an important major in Zhejiang Province.
  • This program provides internship opportunities in nearly 70 well-known software corporations in China.
  • This program depends on Zhejiang Province Information Processing and Automation Technology Top Key Discipline, Zhejiang University of Technology computer network application software engineering research center.
  • This program pays much attention to guiding students to set up a comprehensive knowledge framework, strong hands-on ability and innovative ability.
  • The School has built 4 teaching and experimental bases together with big-scale companies, such as National Animation Industry Base and National Digital Entertainment Industry Base.
  • Cooperation with famous universities and research institutes, such as Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
Basic Information
Degree Bachelor
Duration 4 Years
Teaching Language English
Starting Date Sep 1,2019
Application Deadline Aug 25,2019
Fee Structure
Tuition ¥18,800 Perl Year
Accommodation From ¥3,500 to ¥5,300/person/year
Living Cost About ¥2,180 to ¥2,780/month
Application Fee $75
Service Fee $50

The program includes 14 main courses.

Introduction  t Computer Scienc and Technolog Discrete  Mathematic C+ Programmin
Data Structur Fundamentals o Electroni Techniqu Digital Circuit an Digital Logi
Principles o Compute Organizatio Principles of  Operatin Syste Principles of  Compute Network
Principles and  Application of Databas Microcompute Interfac Technolog Embedde System
The Principle o Compile Softwar  Engineerin  
Training Goals
  • To train international elites with a systematical and comprehensive knowledge of computer technology.
  • Be able to conduct academic research.
  • Being able to work in scientific research departments, education unit, enterprise, institution, computer hardware development and administrative department.
  • Being able to be employed in the fields of computer science teaching, science research and computer science and technology application.
Internship and Future Career

Students can choose to do the internship in practice bases and they have lots of career directions.

Practice Base

  • The School has built practice bases with almost 70 well-known software corporations in China.
  • There are 4 teaching and experimental bases which have been established together with several big-scale companies.
  • The School has cooperated with famous universities and research institutes at home and abroad.

Employment Information

  • Graduates can be engaged in related fields with their professional knowledge.
  • Being engaged in individually developing software and managing computerized systems in technology companies.
Life in ZJUT

Various activities arranged for international students.


Student accommodation fee is paid in term of year. Payment cycle of accommodation is 10 months per year in principle (from Sept to June), at least it has to be paid by a semester; staying in accommodation during summer holiday (from July to August) is free.


Electricity and water standard

International students have free water and electricity quota:
Every student enjoys 6 KWh of electricity, 6 tons of water.

Accommodation Fee (East 16 Building)
Double Room ¥5,300/person/year
Quad Room ¥3,500/person/year

What Can You Get

  • ① Obtain a Bachelor Degree certificate and diploma granted by Zhejiang University of Technology.
  • ② Engage in computer science and technology research.
  • ③ Become a master of computer application system design and development work.
  • ④ Grown into a technical talent with strong theoretical foundation and innovative spirit.
  • ⑤ Internship opportunities in the corporations of China.


> > > >

Entry Requirements

·18 years old or above

·With high school education or above

·Good health

·English is the native or official language;

or IELTS 5.0 or TOFEL 60;

or Have studied courses taught in English in high school or college;

or English level admitted by ZJUT

> > > >

Application Materials

·English proficiency test certificate

·The notarized high school diploma

·Physical examination form

·The copy of passport

·3 recent photos

·High school transcript

·Supporting Documents: Certificate of Good Conduct

For applicants who are in China: If you are an employee, you still need to provide employment separation certificate and your current residence permit. If you are a student, you need to provide a transfer certificate, leaving certificate, certificate of attendance rate issued by previous school and your current residence permit.

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Application Process

Step 1


Long press or scan the QR code below and jump to the application page


Step 2


Click the “Apply Now” button and log in or register an account.


Step 3


Fill in the application form and upload complete documents.


Step 4


Pay $75 application fee and $50 service fee.


Step 5


Just wait for the notification from CUCAS team.



For inquiry, you can contact one of our counselors below:


WhatsApp: +8618910289593

WeChat: Andy-CUCAS


WhatsApp: +8615811357692

Wechat: 15811357692


Here are 3 questions that international students most curious about this program:

0 1 What about its ranking in China?

ZJUT ranked 89th in China according to Ranking of China University 2018.

What is the class schedule? 0 2

8:50 am - 17:05 pm every Monday to Friday. 45 minutes for a single class. 800 lecture hours per semester.

0 3 Is there any airport pick-up service?

Yes, CUCAS can offer you airport pick-up service if you apply through us. You can book this service on the homepage of CUCAS after you log in your own account:

If you are curious about a certain program, you can tell us, too. We will find the most detailed information about it for you.

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