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Cost of Studying In Beijing

Date: May 10, 2019

Summary: If you want to studying in China? Which city do you like most? For most of international students who want to study aboard, costs of living and studying play a decisive role. Check here, you will know the cost of study in Beijin...

Do you want to study in China? Which city do you like the most? Today, a large number of international students, approximately 397,500 (2015), are studying in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dalian, etc. , for most of international students who want to study in China, costs of living and studying play a decisive role.

Beijing, as the capital of China, is a cultural and bustling city that owns about 91 universities, such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing Language and Culture University, Beihang University, etc. so many international students want to study in Beijing. Taking into account this problem, we would like to let international student grasp details about the fee structure studying in Beijing.

Application Fee

Application fee of different majors for different degrees in every university varies from US$ 75 to US $150. If the university belongs to key universities of national "Project 985" and "Project 211" , application fee will be higher than other universities, normally not in excess of US $200.


    University Expenses

If you were accepted by university, you are required to pay the following fees including tuition fee, accommodation fee, insurance fee and medical examination fee. The chart below shows the tuitions of Chinese universities’.

    The General Tuition Fees (each field per year)





Medical field




Above 40000RMB/year


20000-35000 RMB/year

30000-54000 RMB / year

30000-45000 RMB / year

Engineering field


25000-70000RMB / year

29000-60000 RMB / year



23000-30000RMB/ year

26000-35000 RMB / year


Business &Management



21000-70000RMB/ year

26000-95000 RMB / year

36000-47600RMB / year


20000-26000 RMB / year


29800-47600 RMB / year

Accommodation Fee

Studying in Beijing, the dorm always needs to be booked in advance, of course, renting outside campus also is permitted. The university usually provides different room types for you reference. Based on room type, price of studio room is 160-200RMB per day, which includes one living room, one shower, tea table/sofa/refrigerator/sharing Livingroom and some usual facilities.

In addition, prices of double and single room respectively varies from RMB35 to RMB95 per day and RMB60 to RMB 120 per day. Double room is equipped with a telephone, a TV, an air-conditioner, a wardrobe and a desk. A shared toilet, shower, and kitchen are provided on each floor. While in single room, it is equipped with a telephone, a TV, an air-conditioner, a wardrobe, a desk, a private toilet, shower. A shared kitchen is provided on each floor.

Health and Safety Cost

International students are required to buy both medical insurance and personal accidental death and injury insurance, price of insurance is about US$100 a year.

Medical examination fee: the cost of a medical examination in China depends on each city’s local health and epidemic prevention department. In Beijing the cost is around US$100. In most university, holding campus card to buy medicine will be get a 90% discount, so it is cheaper than outside campus, but hospital would be more expensiven  than in campus.


Living Expenses

Food Cost

As the capital of China, Beijing also is first-tier city. Due to economic growth and other factors, the prices of food are on the rise, if you eat in school cafeteria, it would spend 5 yuan to 10 yuan for breakfast that you can buy several foods, such as porridge, soybean milk, eggs, and steamed stuffed bun and so on. In the lunch, you may cost 10 yuan to 15 yuan, you can choose rice, noodles, dumplings or other delicious food. For supper, it is basically the same as lunch that costs 10 yuan to 15 yuan.

In addition, if you want to improve your diet to eat outside of campus, for the familiar food, the price of outside campus is higher than school ranges from1 yuan to 5 yuan. Eating in a fancy restaurant, it would cost more than one hundred yuan. So on average, the cost of food basically needs RMB1200 to RMB1500 per month.

Transportation Cost

Recent years, government have adjusted subway price, prices of one-way metro ticket are between 3 yuan and 7 yuan. While price of bus is lower than subway, if holding bus card you will get a  50% discount, for example, if you are studying in Peking University and wanting to go to the Palace Museum, taking subway would cost 5 yuan, while the cost by bus is 4 yuan (using bus card is 2 yuan), and if you take taxi need 47 yuan. Although by bus is cheaper than subway and taxi, but I still suggest that you take subway to go everywhere, because it always happens traffic jam in when rush hour, in the other hand, subway is faster than bus.

Clothes and Travel Cost

Living in a country, it is essential to buy clothes. Beijing has four distinct seasons, so you may need to buy clothes in every season. In spring and autumn, for Common brand’s clothes, buying a coat would cost one hundred to five hundred yuan, price of trousers between one hundred yuan to three hundred yuan. In summer, prices of clothes are cheaper. For example, to buy a T-shirt would cost 50 yuan to 200 yuan, the dress would need 0ne hundred to three hundred yuan. If you buy a down coat in winter, it mainly would cost more than one thousand yuan, the cotton-padded coats also need five hundred yuan. This is rough spend, of course, the actual clothes expenditure depends on your budget.

Having a journey is a necessary activity for international students, if you travel in Beijing, the cost would less than you go to other cities. For instance, travelling in Beijing just needs two hundred yuan, while if you go to Dalian, prices of one-way train ticket range from 141.5 yuan to 400 yuan, coupled with hotel expenses, food cost and other fees, which maybe need 2000 yuan.


Total Expenses

Students who wish to study in Beijing, will probably be able to afford many things, such as tailor-made clothes, a housekeeper, lots of travel, frequent restaurant meals, massages, parties, and more. If you don't go on a trip of  Beijing, living expenses vary from 2500-3000 RMB per month.  So self-financed international students should make their financial preparations before arriving in China to ensure they can afford their tuition fees and living expenses. Tuition and accommodation fees are depending on university, program and degree, so the cost of studying in Beijing on average is above RMB 80000 for a year.

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