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Sharing Chinese Culture at the Century Elite University - SJTU

Date: February 19, 2019

Summary: This program has a clear focus on Chinese language.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) is a comprehensive, research-oriented and deeply internationalized university. It is one of the top 4 key universities in China, ranked 59th according to the QS World University Ranking 2019. Directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education (MOE) of the People’s Republic of China.

The School of Humanities has always been a core focus of the university. At the start of the 21st century, the school launched programs in Chinese language and culture, which have continued to gain in popularity and are highly regarded amongst students from a diverse range of backgrounds. The school is dedicated to the education of liberal arts and humanities by offering informative courses and meaningful public lectures for students from around the world.


SJTU housing a variety of activities from student life, athletics, and entertainment to research with laboratory facilities among the best in China.

SJTU libraries provide students with over 3.08 million paper books, over 5,000 periodicals and 3.05 million electronic documents. The campus network, with an enormous amount of resources, has become a digital platform for faculty members and students to enhance their work and studies.


The International Chinese Education Center, School of Humanities employs over 70 experienced teachers, most of whom have the PHd degree or possess abundant experience teaching Chinese overseas.

Long-Term Chinese Language Course
  • A clear focus on Chinese language
  • Carefully designed immersion activities and excursions
  • Teaching delivered by qualified faculty at school
  • Discussions with the participation of Chinese students and faculty
  • Access to optional Chinese language courses
Basic Information
Degree Non-Degree
Duration 1 Year
Teaching Language Chinese
Starting Date Sep 4, 2019
Application Deadline Jun 15, 2019
Fee Structure
Tuition ¥19,800/year
Accommodation From ¥6,600 to ¥9,000/person/semester
Insurance ¥800/year
Living Cost About ¥400 to ¥3,000/month
Application Fee $85
Service Fee $50
Course Structure

Currently, Chinese classes include the general track, (which is divided into 9 grades), the New Chinese Course, Program for Chinese Heritage Learners (Huayiban), Advanced Culture andBusiness Course and other special classes, as well as elective courses such as Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, etc.

New Chinese Course (For example):

Target students:

This program is designed for beginners who prioritize listening and speaking capabilities and hope to build these capabilities fast within one year. So Pinyin (Romanization of Chinese writing system) is used throughout the program with special training courses on Chinese Characters. This program is perfect for students who have a hard time learning Chinese characters as a beginner and want to take it at a slower pace.

Program objectives:

To strengthen and rapidly improve students' listening and speaking abilities;

Program format:

Semester One:
Reading (6 class hours/ week), Speaking (8 class hours/ week), Listening (4 class hours/week), Chinese Characters (2 class hours/ week).

Semester Two:
Reading (8 class hours/ week), Listening & Speaking (8 class hours/ week), Chinese characters (4 class hours/ week).

Life in SJTU

In the spirit of "keeping an open mind and striving for excellence", the School of Humanities, which aims to cultivate brilliant, friendly and knowledgeable cultural-exchange envoys between China and foreign countries, has been able to facilitate better education for international students over the past years.

Language practices have been organized twice a year to provide foreign students with the opportunity to experience Chinese society and culture. In the meantime, a range of cultural events and activities, such as Student’s Talent Show, MiniatureWorld Expo, Dragon Boat Racing, Table Tennis Competition, and New Year’s Party to help them demonstrate their talents and make new friends.

Off-campus dormitories
Single Room ¥9,000/person/semester
Double Room ¥6,600/person/semester

  • Bedroom

  • Bathroom

  • Kitchen


> > > >

Entry Requirements

1) A valid passport.

2) Aged from 18to 55 and in good health.

3) Abide by the laws of the People’s Republic of China and observe the rules and regulations of the university.

> > > >

Application Materials

·Photocopy of valid passport

·Passport photo

·A study transcript and an attendance letter

·Supporting Documents: Certificate of Good Conduct

For applicants who are in China: If you are an employee, you still need to provide employment separation certificate and your current residence permit. If you are a student, you need to provide a transfer certificate, leaving certificate, certificate of attendance rate issued by previous school and your current residence permit.

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Application Process

Step 1

Long press or scan the QR code below and jump to the application page

Step 2

Click the “Apply Now” button and log in or register an account.

Step 3

Fill in the application form and upload complete documents.

Step 4

Pay $85 application fee and $50 service fee.

Step 5

Just wait for the notification from CUCAS team.

For inquiry, you can contact one of our counselors below:


WhatsApp: +8618910289593

WeChat: Andy-CUCAS


WhatsApp: +8615811357692

Wechat: 15811357692

Here are some questions that international students most curious about this program:

0 01 Where is SJTU located?

Shanghai Jiao Tong University is located in Xujiahui, which boasts convenient transportation options and an elegant learning environment.

0 02 What is the class schedule?

Each semester is 18 weeks long, but students may apply for an extension based on their respective circumstances when the period of schooling is due.

0 03 Is there any airport pick-up service?

Yes, CUCAS can offer you airport pick-up service if you apply through us. You can book this service on the homepage of CUCAS after you log in your own account:

If you are curious about a certain program, you can tell us, too. We will find the most detailed information about it for you.

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